We offer Charity Careers Scotland to you on the following price basis.

The cost

Volunteer Positions are free to post on the Charity Careers Scotland Website.  Volunteer positions are roles within a charity that do not have a salary.  Any posts advertised in this criteria will be approved before going live and if they do not meet the criteria will not be published on our site.

All other positions.

Charity Careers Scotland handles the promotion of all roles for charities.  From CEO to fundraising and administration.

1 x Job Credit costs £169.  This cost allows you to advertise your position for up to 30 days on Charity Careers Scotland.

From time to time Charity Careers Scotland may introduce special offers and price changes.  These will be published on our website and emailed out to our mailing list.  Charity Careers Scotland reserves the right to change the price structure at any time.