5 tips for a great job description

Great! you’ve got your new funding in place and have an idea about what kind of person you want for the role.  Now you need to craft the perfect job description.

Here are our top tips to help you best present your vacancy and attract the best people.


1. Remember that the job description has a “shelf-life” and it’s not just a document that is used as part of the recruitment process. When someone is in post this document outlines their core activities and may form part of a re-grading or job scoping exercise at a later date. So give it due care and consideration.

2. Include a stand-alone paragraph early in the document that clearly outlines the main purpose of the role – not the tasks, not the responsibilities – the clear and actual reason for the job existing in the first place.

3. Although this is a formal document, try and give it some “personality”.  Choose language, a writing style, even a font, that represents your charity’s style and ethos.

4. Use two sections to outline the tasks. Every job has some really important elements, call these Key Responsibilities. Other, less frequent or lower priority elements of the role should be called Other Responsibilities.  If you lump them all together, applicants won’t know what the priorities of the role are, and therefore how suitable they are for the position.

5. Link the job description with a clear person specification. Know the difference between the two – the job description outlines what the job entails and the Person Specification outlines what skills and experience you need to do it.