About Us

Charity Careers Scotland is dedicated to helping Scottish charities save time and money in recruiting and managing their greatest resource – their staff. It is a great value online resource that is specifically designed and developed to meet the recruitment needs of Scottish charities.

The key to Charity Careers Scotland's unique offering is that it allows charities to promote and tailor their vacancies to thousands of potential candidates who specifically want to work in the voluntary sector in Scotland.

Charity Careers Scotland has been created to help address the problems that charities often face when recruiting online. These are:

  1. Being "snowed under" with applications
  2. Applications from people who don't understand the voluntary sector
  3. Applications from people who don't have relevant experience or qualifications

Charity Careers Scotland overcomes these problems by offering a genuinely innovative website with a range of functionality and content specifically created to help charities recruit. These include Checking Questions, Video and PDF Upload, dotMobi structure and Social Media integration.

In addition to this unique combination of functions, Charity Careers Scotland is innovative because:

  • We only accept job vacancies in Scotland.
  • We only accept roles within charities, or organisations who work wholly for charities.
  • The site contains a high level of information about what it is like to work in the voluntary sector and will help educate potential candidates in advance of them applying for roles.
  • We give charities extensive opportunities to tell “their story” and to provide a great deal of details about each position advertised.
  • It is run by people who all have extensive experience working in the voluntary sector

Charity Careers Scotland has been created by Bruce Tait Associates. Since we were formed in 2003 we have recruited over 600 members of staff for Scottish charities, making us Scotland’s leading voluntary sector recruitment agency.

For further information about Charity Careers Scotland email info@charitycareersscotland.co.uk



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